Who We ARE
Who We ARE
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1 Booketto Technologies is an independent IT service provider.
2 IT Services Dealing more with Boketto Travel Technology. We have expertise in IT Services . From Destop Application to IT support, we have been providing as signficant service provider. Our Par Excellence is also depicted in Networking and Web development.
3 Booketto Technologies is managed by experienced and certified specialists.
4 Bokettotraveltechnology is 100% mobile ready. Your travel website will look and perform equally well on desktops, tablets and mobile phones with no extra coding or design work.
5 . Our technicians are certified on major IT Services such as Web Development, Networking, Mobile Development and Many Others.
6 Our services are extremely price competitive and secure. Our Expertise can Resove your IT Service issues remotely thereby eliminating a trip to a nearby store or visit from in-home service provider with a 4 or 8 hour window.
7 Our Expertise are well trained with all IT Servies and Effort towards Best Service in little Span
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Learn how Bokettotraveltechnology has helped in IT Services to double its sales. A robust IT Service Provider experience in all IT domain stood on his right side.
Bokettotraveltechnology was named as winner of "IT Service Provider of The Year 2016" for enabling the IT Services, desktop, Laptop, printers or installing or uninstalling softwares.
BTT is the future of IT agency !
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